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Mission Fat Hearts

What is Mission Fat Hearts?


 The inspiration to do Mission Fat Hearts was created after seeing how much the world needs kindness now more than ever. Created by elementary school teacher, Mandy Rohr, and inspired by her kids, Mission Fat Hearts has caught the eye and heart of author Rebecca Yee. Working together, Mandy and Rebecca have turned Mission Fat Hearts into an inspirational project with hopes of teaching kids to put others first and treat people kindly. 

Who is it for?


Anyone who wants to make the world a better place through random acts of kindness. 

Join the movement


Join the movement to spread kindness and love this holiday season through Mission Fat Hearts. ❤️ Where not only can your kids get a top secret mission from Santa but for every book and shirt sold we will donate to Operation Christmas Child. That way we can spread the kindness and love worldwide!! ❤️  

The Movie

Movie Synopsis


Santa is discouraged about seeing so many names on the naughty list. He devises a plan and deploys his secret agent elves to give top secret missions to kids.

🌟The mission: Help Santa spread more joy during the holiday season.🌟

He sends his best elf, Kisa, to recruit some very special pups, Pookie & Thor, to help encourage some kids that need it the most. ❤️

** Help us make this movie a reality here: https://igg.me/at/MissionFatHearts **

The Characters


Meet the characters of Mission Fat Hearts!

The Cast


Meet the voices behind the characters!

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